“Good Enough” is no longer good enough

Today, "Good enough" is no longer good enough. Simply put, your product or service needs to be more than good. Your brand needs to be recognizable and your digital experience needs to be awesome.

How to Drastically Improve Your ROI

2017 is fully underway, and it hasn’t disappointed when it comes to peculiar questions being asked. Just start typing a query into Google, and...

The 5 Elements of an Awesome Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing is the next big thing when it comes to marketing your brand.  If you aren’t familiar with it, you might not understand...

2 Things You Need To Know About Our Web Development Process

If you are not immersed in the world of web development and design day in and day out, certain words or phrases may sound like a different language — especially when it comes to web development lingo. In this blog post, we break down some crucial phrases for you and explain our web development process at Element5

Do you know how to give feedback about your website’s design?

When it comes to a design critique or any critique for that matter, there several things you can do to give the best feedback possible. Saying " I love it" or "I don't like it" is not one of these things.

27 Things Brands Do that Piss Me Off

27 Things Brands Do that Piss Me Off. In truth, there's more like 70, but these are the tops in my book.

Finding Your Way in 2016

There was a time (not too long ago) that your grandparents unfolded a map in the car to find their way. Your parents probably had an early GPS in their car and used (gasp) MapQuest (yes, they're still in business). So far, this year has seen a flood of interesting new ways to navigate the world. Here're some of our favorites.

Our Solution to One of the Biggest Challenges Designers Face

While we all would like to populate a website with customized visuals, oftentimes this is simply not feasible. However, the good news is if you know where to look, there are a lot of good stock photography options out there. And lucky for you, we know some of the best places to look!

4 Reasons Why Snapchat Can Help Your Business

Originally thought to be an app made for young Millennials to broadcast their lives, Snapchat has evolved into a powerful social app that allows businesses to creatively market their brand—that is if they are willing to take on the challenge. Here are four major reasons why Snapchat can help your business.

Need Help Writing? Here are 14 writing tools that will make all your dreams come true.

We get it; writing isn’t easy even for the best of us. However, you feel these incredible writing tools will guarantee to help you.

Pros and Cons of Page Builder Tools

In the hands of a talented designer, a page builder plugin can produce beautiful, professional layouts. For everyone else, you’ll likely end up with tired, clichéd pages that look like a rejected Wix ad. Like any tool, making something great starts with an understanding of design—and years of experience.

How to Create a Successful, Top of the Line Capital Campaign

Over the past few years, the Element5 team has had the pleasure of designing and developing websites for several campaigns. While each of these campaigns had a unique mission, all three had big goals that needed websites that would help them bring in a whole lot of support.

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