Unveiling Your Brand Personality Through Drinks: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek 

In our brand workshops, we like to stir things up with a fun activity that challenges businesses to think about their brand in a whole new light. We present them with a lineup of different drinks and ask them to choose the one that best represents their brand. There are no right or wrong answers, but it’s a fascinating exercise that leads to eye-opening revelations about brand personality and perception

Drinks that can show your brand personality

Let’s dive into the different drinks and what they might say about your brand: 


Strong, Reliable, Essential: If your brand is like milk, you could be seen as dependable and essential, providing nourishment and comfort to your audience. 

Love/Hate Relationship, Short Lived: However, you might also evoke mixed emotions or be perceived as fleeting, depending on your audience’s tastes.  


Personalized, Crafted: Like beer, your brand might be seen as handcrafted and personalized, with a diverse range of offerings. 

Social, Celebratory: Beer brands often evoke a sense of community and celebration, perfect for bringing people together. 


Fancy, Classy, Intimate: If you picked wine, you’re likely to be perceived as sophisticated and classy, offering an intimate experience to your audience. 

Reliable, Peaceful: Wine brands often evoke feelings of reliability and peacefulness, making them a go-to choice for many occasions. 


Iconic, Energetic: Pop brands are globally known and appeal to the masses, often associated with energy and excitement. 

Consistency, Convenience: They offer consistency and convenience, making them a familiar choice for consumers. 


Loyalty, Necessity, Productive: Coffee brands inspire loyalty and are seen as a necessary part of daily routines, fueling productivity and motivation. 

Appeals to All Audiences: From gas station brews to artisanal blends, coffee caters to a wide audience, offering something for everyone. 


Classic, Intelligent, Sophisticated: Old-fashioned brands stand the test of time, exuding intelligence and sophistication. 

Relaxing, Individualistic: They offer a sense of relaxation and individuality, appealing to those seeking a moment of calm. 

Moscow Mule 

Hipster, Trendy, Versatile: Moscow mule brands are hip and trendy, offering a versatile and welcoming experience to consumers. 

Good Entry Point: They serve as a good entry point for those looking to explore new tastes and experiences. 


Party, Bold, Flavorful: Brands that choose margaritas are bold and flavorful, synonymous with fun and excitement. 

Gatherings, Friendly: They’re perfect for gatherings and social occasions, bringing people together in a lively atmosphere. 


Natural, Bright, Refreshing: Mimosa brands evoke feelings of natural beauty and refreshment, perfect for outdoor events and casual luxury. 

So, which drink resonates most with your brand personality? Cheers to uncovering new insights and thinking outside the bottle! 

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