Unboxing Success

How a niche meetup became the premier event for subscription innovators.
Started in 2016, SubSummit burst onto the scene as the go-to gathering for subscription box enthusiasts. Each year, the summit reinvents itself with themes inspired by the distinctive flavor of the host city.
As SubSummit’s popularity soared, their internal team stepped up, taking charge of initiatives on their own. We provided them with the templates and frameworks they needed to run things smoothly and keep true to their brand identity
When COVID hit, SubSummit didn’t miss a beat, flipping the switch to digital and bringing the same energy online for an unforgettable virtual experience.
Today, over 1,500 subscription innovators attend the conference every year. With speakers from Google, Netflix, Amazon, and more, SubSummit attracts the best and brightest minds in the industry.
We shook up the usual meet-up scene, turning SubSummit into a must-visit for anyone in the subscription game. Now, it’s not just another conference—it’s where the big ideas happen. Here’s to keeping things fresh, summit after summit.
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