A Toast to Transformation

What do you do when your ‘sure bet’ market is actually a wild goose chase? You pivot sharply, redefine your vision, and speak directly to those who truly resonate with your brand.

Sip & Savor popped the cork as a DTC wine company with eyes for an audience they thought was hiding in plain sight—men. They had a moment in the sun with wine advent calendars, but the buzz wore off and growth screeched to a halt.

Cue our entrance. A deep-dive brand audit and consumer study revealed the uncorked truth: it was time for a full-bodied rebrand.
Enter the real MVPs—women over 35 who live for the clink of glasses at parties, the joy of gifting, and the thrill of a bargain hunt. We dressed Sip & Savor in new visuals that clicked with those in search of wine that’s as fun as they are.
We then gave Sip & Savor’s messaging a makeover, tailoring it to our new audience with the precision of a sommelier selecting the perfect pairing.
The result? A toast-worthy $350K in annual sales and a 25% rate of returning customers raising their glasses for more in 2023.
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