Crafting a Shade Movement

Transforming a local company that sells awnings to a national brand that sells a lifestyle. 

Let’s face it, there’s not much of a yearning for awnings in today’s culture. There’s much more yawning at awnings.  

Our challenge now became clear. How do we make awnings cool again?

Simply put, we pivoted to a lifestyle brand.

The shift from a product-centric company to a lifestyle-focused brand wasn’t just about canopies and LED lights; it was about creating moments, forging connections, and providing a personal haven just outside the door.

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With the foundation laid, it was time to extend the new brand to every facet of Marygrove’s company.

Marygrove’s narrative now weaves seamlessly into the fabric of people’s lives, embodying the ethos that life’s best moments often happen under the awning.

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