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Branding and expanding the biggest conference for the subscription industry.

SubSummit Case Study

The Challenge

The Subscription Summit was originally created for and focused around subscription box companies who were just beginning their journey as companies. However, after putting on the event just a few years, The Subscription Summit was growing and expanding beyond just subscription box companies. To keep up with this evolving and changing event, we were brought in to help shape and brand this thing.

Our Solution

Since working on this event from the beginning and large growth it had seen, we worked as a team to evolve the brand.

One of the first things we discovered was that internally and the people who had been attending the event every year weren’t really calling it “The Subscription Summit” but rather a shortened, and frankly easier-to-say name, SubSummit.


A new name meant a new logo. The original was awesomely appropriate for the event at the time, but with the shift and focus on more than subscription boxes, the logo needed to resonate with a larger, broader audience. We crafted a new logo around the concept of recurring revenue, the basis for a subscription business model.

Because SubSummit takes place a different city every year it was the perfect opportunity to theme the event around the hosting city.

On-Site Graphics

We wanted to make sure that every touchpoint someone had attending SubSummit was on-brand so that meant crafting an event experience. That means designing things like the welcome box and badge that every attendee gets at registration, signage and informational graphics, printed guides and brochures, aisle carpets and “selfie spots” in the expo hall, and on-stage graphics and intros for all the keynote presentations.

Keeping all this stuff on-brand and on-theme was quite the task but when the event comes together it’s worth it.

The Results

SubSummit 2019 was an amazing show with over 1000+ attendees. SubSummit has become one of the biggest conferences in the subscription industry and has versatile branding to go with it.

Scope of Work

Brand Strategy

Identity & Logo Design

Art Direction


Print Design

Event Design

Web Design

WordPress Development

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