Every body needs maintenance.

We gave this trendy spa a facelift of its own

Spa Renaissance and Renaissance Plastic Surgery wanted a more modern site that allowed their customers to pick between their two services: spa and salon and plastic surgery. They also wanted their website to reflect the personalized and high-end treatment they show their customers.

In addition to creating a more streamlined and simplified user experience, the Element5 team made sure the website embodied the Spa Renaissance’s core characteristics, “fabulous” and “relaxing.” The custom designed gold elements found throughout the entire site give it an elegant feel while the human-centric photography makes it warm and inviting.

The custom beauty and plastic surgery icons we designed help users easily understand the spa or plastic surgery service. Our team even came up with an interactive graphic that allowed potential customers to chose specific areas of the body and then see the different surgeries that pertained to that area. This way, even if customers don’t know the name of the procedure they are interested in, they can easily find it using this feature. Element5 also developed a custom membership plan for their customers so that they could tailor their specific needs.


image of interactive plastic surgery graphic for Spa Renaissance


Spa Renaissance’s site was launched in September 2016 and received a Communicator Award of Distinction.