We helped Goodwill reach out to Detroiters in need.

Making an impact

Goodwill Industries of Detroit needed a website that could reach a diverse audience with a variety of special needs. In addition to a more straightforward user experience, they also wanted to attract more relevant search results.

We developed the website so that anyone could navigate through it using just the tab key. The overall color palette for the design was inspired by nature photos as we wanted people to feel calm and inspired when they were navigating through the site. We also used color psychology to determine which color best reflected each of their programs.

We worked with Goodwill Detroit to rewrite their website content so that it was written at a 4th-grade reading level, ensuring the majority of site visitors could understand everything.


Overall, Element5 made sure that Goodwill Detroit’s new site is accessible to the colorblind, those with a handicap that hinder them from scrolling, and anyone with a 4th-grade reading level. This site was launched in May 2017 and won a Gold DotCOMM Award.