How we achieved a 38% increase in organic leads using SEO

  • A day care provider with 120 locations needed to improve their organic search rankings, and improve organic conversions.
  • We did in-depth keyword research to find out how people were searching for day care services.
  • We optimized each of the location pages to target the way that people in that area searched.
  • 58 keywords moved into the top 10 results.
  • 14% YoY increase in organic traffic (+18,000 visits)
  • 38% YoY increase in organic conversions (+1,855 inquiries)

There are Rainbow Child Care Centers in over 120 locations spread across 15 states.

They provide activities and education for children from infancy to kindergarten.

Rainbow wanted to improve enrollment at their schools. Our goal was to increase leads from a contact form on each schools’ page. We aimed to improve those conversions by increasing organic traffic to those location pages.

People search differently based on where they’re located.

Any business with multiple locations must take into account that people search differently in different places. This may be cause by local dialect or culture. In Rainbow’s case, we studied the usage of “day care” and “child care” based on location.

Researched what people search for

In some cities, “child care” was used most often. In others, more people searched for “day care.” In metropolitan areas, people were less likely to search for their suburb than they were to search for the city or regional name.

We used insights like these from keyword research to make a plan for optimizing content.

Optimized location pages

When a business has multiple locations, creating content for each location offers the best chance at ranking in each location.

Rainbow already had decent location pages for each of its schools. But these pages weren’t optimized for the best terms that we found in our research.

We optimized Rainbow’s location pages to target the best keywords.

Wrote and promoted blog posts

Child care is an excellent niche for content marketing. There is an abundance of topics. Parents and teachers are an engaged audience.

Rainbow already had a blog, but the posts needed help. They weren’t always optimized for the best terms. In many cases, the posts were too short.

We found topics that were commonly searched. Next, we rounded up previous posts and consolidated them into a bigger, better version.

Finally, we began distributing them regularly through Rainbow’s social channels.

Rainbow’s share of organic search for targeted keywords is 73% higher than the nearest national competitor.

Our SEO work led new searchers to their site, and those searchers converted thanks to relevant content.