Your own personal trainer has you covered.
Even after you leave the gym.

How we invented a digital consultation tool that drove hordes of walk-in traffic.

By looking to the past, we sometimes can see the future that was promised to us. Using the finding that most Westerners love kitschy retro visions of the future, we came up with a brand strategy that is fun, matches our clients’ personalities, and distinguishes them in a sea of sameness that their competition is drowning in.

In this case study, you’ll learn how creating a memorable brand and finding the right marketing platforms turned an obscure tech company into media rock stars.

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Applied Fitness Solutions (AFS) is a rapidly growing chain of fitness centers in the Midwest with a unique focus.

They bring together the collaborative environment of group exercise with the structure and accountability of personal training.

Every person who joins AFS is assigned their own personal fitness coach who will guide them through every aspect of their program and checks in on them—even when they’re not at the gym. In addition, their trainers are all certified Fitness Practitioners with bachelor’s degrees in either Kinesiology or Exercise Science.

We knew that with such a unique approach to fitness, we had to come up with an equally unique solution.

We started by listening to the reasons people give for why they even consider a gym in the first place.

The reasons were neither lofty, nor ambitious. Few mentioned wanting to compete in marathons or iron man competitions. No, most people were merely looking to overcome old injuries, look better in their clothes or keep up with their children.

In short, most people wanted to take small steps to better themselves.

We decided to compile all of the answers into a digital solution. We would create an online consultant who would “listen” to their issues and offer a workout solution.

The Challenges

1. REPSONSIVE: The solution had to work in all browsers and be mobile-friendly. This presented special challenges as our solution involved a degree of gamification and interaction.

2. ACCESSIBLE: We also wanted a solution that is accessible for those with different browsing abilities. That meant no drag and drop. Instead, we opted for a simple click-to-reorder methodology that could be accessed by mouse clicks, finger taps, and vocalizations or tabbing.

3. STICKY: We wanted the consultation to be addictive and as easy to use as the personality tests on Facebook. People who are facing physical issues are already in a state of unease and stress. We wanted it to feel welcoming, simple and helpful. Like advice from a good friend.

The Results

The Digital Consultation has become the most popular destination on the AFS website for new visitors. Even existing members are using it.

Look at the heatmap analysis below. This screenshot was taken after only two weeks of the redesign of the site (yes, we did that, too!).