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Web Design Questions to Ask Before Updating Your Site

Paul Chambers

By Paul Chambers | January 2016

website redesign team meetingFor years, Core3 concentrated on helping clients establish an online presence. We’d work to better understand their business, evaluate how the web could help them improve sales and build a website to enhance the accessibility customers had to them. Nowadays, our process isn’t much different except for the fact that most companies have already built a website. Our efforts are now focused on determining how our team can improve our clients’ online presence. A large part of that often comes with a website redesign. Before beginning that process, however, there are some key web design questions that our clients need to consider. In fact, these are questions that many businesses should be thinking about – even if a website redesign hasn’t crossed their mind. Establishing and maintaining an effective online presence is vital to the success of your business, and these design questions have the potential to expand your website’s functionality and return on investment.

Web design questions to ask yourself when considering a redesign:

What does your website do for me and my clients?

Every website needs to have an objective in mind during the creation process. Companies should consider the current functionality of the established website and understand exactly how it’s being used by both the staff within the business and the customers. Are you using it to directly sell things online? Is it driving leads to call you more? It is simply be utilized as a marketing brochure? The answers to these will help the web designer understand exactly what is important to maintain on your website and potentially enhance for users.

What can my website do for me and my clients?

Within nearly all businesses, things change over time. The objectives you had in mind when creating your original website may not reflect recent changes in your business. Furthermore, you may have since realized additional things you’d like your website to do. When entering a redesign, one of the first design questions that you’ll likely be asked is what do you hope to accomplish with your website. This information is essential in understanding how your website will function and be laid out.

When is it time to update my website?

After you’ve established answers to the first two questions, this web design question becomes a lot more manageable. If there’s a large discrepancy between what your current website does and what you’d like it to do – it’s time for an update. Additionally, technologies for website design and development are constantly changing. If your website is doing everything you want it to, but could be doing it more effectively or creating a better user experience – a redesign could greatly enhance your brand’s online presence.

What are my competitors doing on the web?laptop with fingers

Reviewing websites of competitors isn’t done to steal their ideas. It should be done to better understand where your business can excel, better evaluate your company’s value to potential customers, determine things you’d like to avoid on your own site and bring attention to things that may be worth including on your own website. This web design question is something that your hired web team will look into carefully, but it’s important for you to also have a grasp on this. Being in the industry, you likely already have a good idea of your competitors. Outline them to the web designer you’ve hired to help that person create the best possible website.

What qualities are important to me when looking for a web designer?

This is a web design question that is important for you to think carefully about. Aspects to consider when hiring your web designer include budget, company culture, communication expectations, timeline and portfolio.  You will likely be spending a lot of time working with your web designer to prepare for and work through your website redesign, thus it’s good to determine what is most important for the company and web designer to possess before the process even begins.

Answering these web design questions can be a process, and it may be something you need some guidance on. At Core3, our team can help walk you through each step in understanding if your website can become more valuable. Do you have web design questions of your own? No problem! We can help with that, too. Request a quote today and we can start a conversation about creating an awesome design to represent your brand!

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