linkedin profileWhen companies are looking to promote their websites, it is important for them to utilize as many high-quality networks as possible. Within recent years, LinkedIn has seen a significant increase in membership. As of this month, LinkedIn has more than 175 million members from more than 200 countries. Because of its strong user base, LinkedIn has become a popular marketing tool. If you are interested in employing LinkedIn for your marketing efforts, here are a few pointers to ensure you get noticed:


Properly playing relevant keywords in your company’s LinkedIn profile will increase your chances of being found through LinkedIn’s search. Titles, headings, specialties and content should be optimized to keywords that potential customers will be searching for.

For example, Core3 has included web development, digital marketing, web design and computer services in our specialties section in our LinkedIn profile. Think like a potential customer would and include related terms on LinkedIn, just as you would within your company’s website.

Engage and network

The connections that you make on LinkedIn can result in business. Thus, it’s very important to connect with as many people as possible. There are several ways to find new connections. The advanced search option allows users to specify what type of people they are looking for including keywords, industry, location and more. Additionally, businesses can browse through already established connections to connect with other businesses and people.

Another great way to network your company is by participating in groups. Become the industry expert by answering relevant questions. Once you are skilled in group conversations, companies can open their own group. By remaining active on LinkedIn, people and businesses will grow to trust your business.

Set up integrations

LinkedIn allows users to integrate blog posts and Twitter accounts in to the company’s LinkedIn profile. Additionally, LinkedIn offers a share and follow button for websites. By adding these buttons directly to your website or blog, users can easily share your content or locate you on LinkedIn with one simple click.

Backlink linkedin profile

Link building is a popular way to optimize a website. By adding your company’s website to a variety of quality websites, search engines begin to view your website in a higher regard. In turn, you become more easily located on search engines. LinkedIn can be helpful in this optimization technique because it is considered a top-quality website.

First, be sure that your LinkedIn profile includes the company website. Then, ask each of your employees to also include the company website in their LinkedIn profile. This will help your website get a higher page rank.

Are you on LinkedIn? We’d love to connect! Stop by our LinkedIn profile.



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