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The Importance of a Maintenance Plan

Lyle King Red

By Lyle King Red | May 2018

Your primary focus is on your business, not your website, and that’s OK. However, it is important to keep your website secure, up to date, and useful. If you don’t want to spend every day working on your website, a maintenance plan is a convenient solution. We help maintain your site, but what exactly does that mean?

Cost Savings

Similar to not regularly changing the oil in your car, by not addressing small website problems it may lead to expensive fixes. While you may not notice an immediate issue, in time, your website will begin to fail. With a maintenance plan, a web developer performs routine tests and updates to make sure your site is working properly, has minimal to no downtime, and continues to produce consistent leads or sales for your business.


Time Savings

While you may not be an expert or even understand terms like query, alt-tag, aria labels, or tab index, a web developer does. Signing up for a maintenance plan will save you from having to teach yourself how to fix an issue you are experiencing. In many cases, the developer who built the site is the person routinely updating it, which means they are not only familiar with the site but have the technical expertise to take care of any undesired errors that arise.


Reputation Savings

Without routine testing, problems such as broken links, broken functionality or missing images may occur, and every time a visitor sees this your reputation takes a hit. Your website is intended to show guests you are the expert in your field. With a broken website, guests may not find what they are looking for or trust you as a credible source, which may cause a decline in profit over time.



Another main reason to sign up for a maintenance plan is to keep your website secure. Without regular updates, you may expose your site to spam, or worse, your customers’ private information. The truth is, hackers are real and work every day to get private information. That’s why our goal of maintaining your site is to prevent these type of threats before they occur. There are a variety of ways we do this, such as plugin updates and restrictions, server updates, content management system updates, routine malware scans, the requirement of strong passwords, and more.


Backing Up Files and Materials

A service that can be overlooked, but is crucial is to perform regular backups of your whole site: code, database, and resource files. The last thing anyone wants is to lose all their information and be forced to rebuild their entire site from scratch. Just think about the time and money that would take.


Additional Training Opportunities

We know you will remember every little detail about our site from a single one-hour training session right? No? Well, with a maintenance plan, we are here to help solve the issues you may not remember how to do or never learned. We do everything we can to make your site easy to use, but the truth is not everyone understands it right away, let alone is able to train the new hire at your company. Instead, you can contact us via email, phone, video or come into our office and we would be happy to answer all your questions.


No Website is Completely Future Proof

When it comes to technology, change is inevitable. Unfortunately, at times these changes can extend beyond what regular maintenance and updates can solve. While redesigning your website may be unavoidable, with a maintenance plan you will be notified immediately if a redesign will soon be required, allowing you time to plan.


As errors occur, we will make adjustments and correct any broken functionality. In time, it may make the most sense financially to refresh the whole site versus making an outdated system cooperate with modern technology which requires expensive solutions.


Don’t have a maintenance plan? Don’t wait. Contact us today to get started.



Lyle King Red

Written by

Lyle King Red

Lyle works side by side with our design team, figuring out the best way to bring the artwork they create to life.

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