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Nick Fischer

Senior Front End Developer, SEO

Nick Fischer first heard about Element5 way back when it was still Core3. During college, Nick worked with a buddy cleaning the office every Friday night. While he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after school, Nick decided he did want to end up working at as cool of a place as Core3.

Fast forward six years and Nick is now a part of the E5 development team. Day to day he helps support Element5’s clients’ needs and assists with any web projects that come our way.

Instead of taking a site and making it better, I wanted to learn how to build websites the right way from the very beginning. That way I am not just fixing things, but I am creating things.

Although Nick started his career focused on Analytics and SEO, he became increasingly interested in how he could make a website more user-friendly and searchable from the very beginning. When a development position at his old job opened up, he decided he was done with fixing websites and decided to try his hand making them the right way from scratch.

Using online resources, Nick began to teach himself how to code. So far he’s mastered front end development and continues to expand his skill set. While he’s not sure yet what will come after that, Nick does know he will continue to optimize sites any way he can. 

When he’s not at his computer, Nick plays goalie for a couple of roller hockey teams and a co-ed soccer team. He also loves to fish and most weekends he can be found out on Lake St Clair.

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