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Lyle King Red

Lead Developer, Information Architect

Lyle King Red got his first taste of programming in his senior year of high school. Because it was a self-guided, independent study, he expected it to be the perfect blow off class; instead, he ended up getting hooked. You might even say it turned out to be love at first type. He worked harder in that class than any of his others, blowing through computer science I, II, and III before he graduated high school. Lyle went on to graduate with a degree in study computer science from Lawrence Tech University and has since become a developing force to be reckoned with – building websites one line of code at a time.

I was originally planning on being an architect. Then in my senior year of high school, I decided to take an independent study with a teacher who taught computer programming. I ended up working harder in that class than any of my other ones because I enjoyed it so much. I decided on web development because I enjoy taking someone else’s design and figuring out how to bring it to life.

Now at Element5, Lyle works side by side with our design team, figuring out the best way to bring the artwork they create to life. Using HTML and CSS, he codes each piece, so they fit seamlessly together, making visuals literally pop and graphics whirls. In the end, Lyle makes sure that all our clients come away with not only a visually beautiful website but a high functioning one as well.

When he’s not at Element5, Lyle can either be found either navigating the latest computer or video game or at his church helping out as a youth leader. As passionate as he is about developing he is equally so about leading youth groups and providing one-on-one mentorship.

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