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JT Chun

Content Marketer, Writer

Like many young kids, Jonathon grew up with dreams of being a professional athlete. Unfortunately, those dreams were crushed by an extreme lack of athleticism at an early age. He did what any sane person would have done – tried to become a sports writer. Jonathon created his own blog as a freshman in high school and immediately fell in love with the idea of storytelling and manipulating words.

Jonathon worked at various news publications while studying journalism at Michigan State University, including NPR and The State News. He covered and wrote about MSU sports, town hall meetings, the crime beat, and even helped cover the 2014 US elections.

Bad company corrupts good character.

Upon graduating, Jonathon made the transition into content marketing and SEO. He enjoys the problem-solving aspect of marketing and he still gets to write! Since joining Element5, you will find Jonathon creating any and all types of content that clients might need. From website updates and blogs to social media posts and PPC, Jonathon helps brands communicate their message to an audience using any means possible.

When he’s not focused on content creation, Jonathon loves to stay active with his girlfriend and their 3 dogs. Still an avid sports fan, Jonathon continues to watch, write about, and attempt to play as many sports as he can. He thinks he’s good at golf.

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