Times are surely changing. The job market is quickly shifting as technology alters how things are done. Traditional jobs are vanishing, new jobs have emerged and job seekers have different expectations from employers. Working 40-hour weeks means that most nine-to-fivers spend 2,000 hour each year at their jobs. Sure, the job market is tough in our current economy. But after spending thousands of dollars on an education, young professionals deserve jobs that they love. Here are five things to consider when searching for the job of your dreams.

Each job is an opportunity to learn

Sometimes the best way to evaluate what you want to do is by trying it. Though a position may sound ideal, you won’t really know if you love it until you’re doing it every day. Each position that we hold in our lives gives us a chance to learn. Jobs can teach us various skills; however, they can also teach us what we don’t enjoy doing. Even if you don’t plan to be at a job for long, seek out opportunities that can expand your knowledge base. This will help you in future positions.

If you aren’t happy, move on

Most young adults grew up watching their parents being committed to one company for their entire professional career.  No matter how unhappy our parents got or how unfairly they were treated, there was a certain pride in establishing a long work history with a single employer. Though there is still something to be said about being committed to a company, young professionals are now seeing the value in moving from company to company. Some professionals simply outgrow a corporation. If that corporation is unwilling to adapt to the new needs of the employee, it may be time for that person to move on to a company that will. Finding a job that you will love probably won’t happen right after college. It’s all about finding what job is right for you.

Evaluate a company’s culture

Nowadays, the personality and culture of a company is just as important as the actual workload. The atmosphere of the job plays a big role in how well your days will go. If you’re a young, innovative professional with creative ideas, it’s crucial to find a company that will embrace those progressive ideas. Additionally, don’t simply think about the position you will be hired for. Think about a few years down the road and the advancement opportunities that the company can offer you.

Utilize social networks

Young professionals have the opportunity to meet professional connections in a way that other generations didn’t. Properly utilizing social networks like LinkedIn and Identified can put you in touch with professionals in your industry. Also, ensure that your personal social media reputation remains professional.  More and more, hiring managers will view social media profiles to gauge applicants. Keep things professional and make as many connections as possible.

Passion comes first job you love

We have expressed the importance of passion in earlier blogs on a few occasions. If you are truly passionate about the work you do and get excited when you learn new things or see success, your job will feel less like work. People that are passionate about their jobs have an eagerness to learn new things without being instructed to do so. Identify things you are passionate about and find ways to incorporate them in to your professional life.

In today’s job market, it’s important for applicants to truly enjoy what they are doing. Collecting a big paycheck matters very little if you’re unhappy.



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