social media addictionSocial media. For many of us, it’s a welcomed break from our everyday tasks. For others, it’s become more of an addiction. On Tuesday we discussed social media disorders and addiction. While writing the article, I started wondering how frequently the Core3 staff uses social media. Of course, the digital marketing team utilizes social media regularly to perform marketing tasks. However, being the tech-savvy people that we are – which Core3 staffers have a social media addiction?

I sent a survey to each staffer with some of the signs of social media addiction —

  • Immediately after waking up, you check your social networks.
  • You won’t order at a restaurant until you have checked in on Foursquare
  • You’ve shared important news (pregnancy, engagement, etc) online before calling close friends and family
  • If you forget your smartphone at home, you feel anxious.
  • You use your mobile device in the restroom to check social networks.
  • You use social media terms as verbs when speaking. Example: I’m going to Facebook that.
  • You casually answer questions with a phrase like “my recent blog post explains that in full detail.”
  • You get anxious when Facebook or Twitter isn’t functioning properly.
  • You have adopted text lingo in your everyday writing / talking style.
  • When something funny or interesting happens, you immediately open a social network to share it.
  • Social networks have distracted you from work or studying.

Staffers then indicated if they frequently, occasionally or never did the statement. Answers of frequently received two points, occasionally got one point and never was zero points. Well, the results are in!

social mediaThe person at Core3 with the most social media addiction is Katie with a score of 11! Katie is guilty of frequently using social media terms as verbs, feeling anxious when she forgets her phone at home and sharing funny or interesting things immediately on her social networks. She is also occasionally guilty of several other things on the list. Ryan and Jason were a close second with ten points each. Both occasionally use text lingo in their writing/speaking style and open social networks to document funny or interesting things. The person with the least social media addiction is Dan with a mere five points!

There were 22 points possible from this survey. I’m pleased to find that the highest score was only 11. It’s good to know that this tech-savvy bunch of professionals is able to utilize social media for helpful, informative purposes but we haven’t allowed ourselves to become addicted.

Update: After Paul Chambers completed the survey, it became obvious who the real social media addict is! Paul scored a 17! He is guilty of frequently using social media terms as verbs, referencing to blogs in conversation and immediately opening his social networks to document funny or interesting things. In fact, Paul does most of the tasks on the list!



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