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Web Design + Development

Why do we need a web presence?

We believe the Internet and pandemic have destroyed the old ways of doing business and we can help your company navigate through this.

Companies that are taking leads, orders, and sales online are outperforming their competitors. As thousands flock to buy safely online, the need for a brick and mortar presence is dwindling rapidly.

How do we build web presences?

It’s different for everyone. We assess your situation and Maybe you don’t need a full-blown website. You might only need a landing page or smarter social media. Or maybe you do need a site, but not with the features you think you do. Data from analytics and auditing will drive smarter decisions and ensure we build it right the first time.

On a process level, we only build well-architected, mobile-friendly websites that are user-friendly, easy to browse, and be found in Google, ADA, and WCAG accessible, and have content that matches your audience’s reading level. While we are platform-agnostic, we prefer to use platforms that are easy for you to update when you want, such as WordPress, Shopify, and WebFlow.

The visual design is also critical. According to the National Eye Institute (NEI), people make decisions about brands and websites in ~100 milliseconds. That’s less time than it takes to blink (400 milliseconds). If your site isn’t visually appealing, people will lose interest faster and spend less time on it. We design sites that grab your attention instantly.

What are the results?

We build sites that perform better, have less downtime, and fewer maintenance issues. They are more secure and easier for your customers to use. Aesthetically pleasing designs are proven to lift people’s moods and generate more sales.

Need our help on a new project?

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