If you have to explain one, it’s not very good.

No one wants to go back to a website that was hard to use. They find another site that’s does the same thing, but better.

It’s how readable the content is—even to those for whom English is a second language. It’s ensuring color-blind folks (12% of the US) can see it. It’s ensuring your content doesn’t exclude certain groups who may not look like you or think like you.

Sound like your site? Do you hesitate when potential customers ask to see your website? Do your sales reps avoid using your site as a sales tool? Are your customers so frustrated by your website experience they end up calling instead?

We can help you go from a site that makes your sales reps cringe to a site that turns a healthy profit.

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"Does it better will always beat did it first."

Aaron Levie, Box

Your website must solve a problem, fill a need, or be helpful to your customers—or they won’t return. Period.

Don’t believe us? Try this simple experiment.

Get a friend who’s never seen your site. Have your site open on a browser window, but don’t let them see it. Open your laptop and let them see it for only five seconds—then slam the lid closed. Ask them to tell you everything they saw. Don’t give them any hints, or tell them what to look for.

Can they say exactly what you do? Could they tell you what the purpose of the site is (e.g., Sell a product, Provide information, Play a game, etc.)? If not, you’re off to a bad start for your site visitors.

If your friends are failing the Five Second Test, we should talk.

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