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Search Marketing (SEO + SEM)

Why do we need search marketing?

We believe that search represents intent. It is the number one activity on the internet, and Google is where everyone begins their research. It is critical to be found in search and that doesn’t just mean getting to page one of Google. Mobile and desktop searches offer vastly different results.

People search for their needs in a multitude of places now. Maps are now used as search engines. So are YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor, customer reviews, and blogs.

How do we market for search?

We use a holistic approach to search marketing that begins with an audit. We need to know not only how you are positioned in search, but how you are perceived. The internet neither forgives nor forgets and bad reviews or comments can permanently affect your sales.

A full search audit covers topics, terms, geography, demographics, psychographics, competitors, linking, positioning, brand perception, as well as which platforms you perform best on — and which need help. We also look at the difference in terms between paid and organic (unpaid) search results, video and image search, quotes, and social media mentions. Google is just the start.

What are the results?

We have driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in online sales from our search marketing, helped repair reputations, gotten Google Featured Snippets for multiple clients, and raised everyone’s search presence. We can do this for you, too.

Need our help on a new project?

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