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Why do we need good design?

We believe that visual design can change the public’s perception of a brand. It can make a startup look like a Fortune 500 enterprise, and make a stodgy, decades-old firm look fresh and modern. We believe design has to reflect the company and its brand. We do not believe in using the latest design trend if it doesn’t make sense for your firm. We believe our designs will make your brand reflect you and your team in a way that your customers will love.

How do we approach design?

As with our strategic approach, we start by listening to you. What sites and designs do you find appealing? What brands do you admire? Why? Is there a story behind your current design and colors? Are your brand colors distinguishable to 12% of the population who are colorblind?

Design is more than just making something aesthetically pleasing that wins a dubious award. It’s ensuring all elements look and work as intended. That they are consumable by the greatest number of people on the widest variety of devices.

What are the results?

A consistent brand vision. A visual language for your brand. After we’ve done our job for you, customers will recognize the visuals they encounter on your website, in social media, on emails, and other platforms, as being distinctly yours.

Don’t take our word for it. McKinsey & Company studied the effects of design on business revenue. They said companies with great design outperform companies with fair design 2:1, not only in revenue but in returns to shareholders.

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