They both need branding to tell them apart.

Brand is more than your logo, colors, and fonts.

Brand is your entire customer experience.

  1. Every time a call center operator is rude to a customer, your brand is hurt.
  2. Every time your website takes more than 10 seconds to load, your brand is damaged.
  3. And every time a vendor gets your tagline, logo, or URL wrong, the brand is weakened.

Get it? It’s not just about your marketing visuals—although those certainly help. It’s more about all the touchpoints your customers and clients have with your brand—everywhere, all the time.

We can help get you from a bad logo and a slow website to a memorable brand that gets talked about.

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"Brand is what people say about you after you leave the room."

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

The brand promise you make to customers and the experience you deliver can be a huge disconnect.

Don’t believe us? Try buying a car from the Big Three.

The TV spots are slick and memorable. The websites are top notch. The brochures are a printer’s dream job. But the dealership experience is often excruciating. And that’s the disconnect for the customer.

The brand promise failed them.

Don’t fail your customers. If your brand is nothing more than a logo, some colors, and a font, you don’t have a brand. You simply have collateral.

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