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Branding + Identity

Why do we brand?

We brand because we want your customers to be as loyal as Apple’s. We want your products as much a part of their daily routine’s as their morning Starbucks. We want you to be the brand they think of when they think of your industry, like Kleenex, Photoshop, or TiVo.

We believe branding affects every part of your customers’ perception of your firm. No touchpoint, interaction, or communication is too large or small to change someone’s perception of your company. They all matter — from a major purchase to the short thank you email after someone signs up. From the way grocery cart wheels spin, to what causes your company supports, to colors you choose for your signage. All affect brand perception. And we want to help you ensure every customer touchpoint, every message, and every interaction is a good one.

How do we brand companies?

It’s a collaboration between your team and ours. Our branding workshop requires your team to put on their thinking caps, and really see the brand as a living, breathing person, not as a collection of media assets. We use Jungian archetypal research combined with the latest neurological data on how our brains make decisions to arrive at your brand. Oh, and we trust gut feelings, too. Just because the data says it’s right, doesn’t mean it works.

What are the results?

Proper branding, more than anything else, will make customers choose you over your closest competitor — even when the competitor is better.

Other benefits? How about loyalty, clarity of purpose, consistent messaging, a company that feels like a cause, and giving customers a feeling of being part of something bigger than the product or service.

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