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We’ll never claim to be a “full service shop.” What does that even mean? That you can have your tires rotated while someone writes your Facebook posts?

We only list services we’re experts on. Face it. When an agency claims to be “full service,” it really means, “We’re good at a few things and suck at a ton of things we only list to win a few RFPs.”

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Big problem? Meet bigger solution.

ThinkWell is our proprietary ideation-based strategic process. ThinkWell is central to working with Element5. ThinkWell puts more minds on your problem, which leads to smarter, more informed strategies, as well as solutions that actually show business results. Most ideation processes focus on coming up with wild ideas in the hopes that one wild idea might just work. Not the case, it turns out. Only 10% of ideas are really good, and of those, only 10% will make it to market. That means you need over 200 ideas a year to remain competitive. Are you able to do that? ThinkWell focuses on the problem, the audience, and the likeliest outcomes. This ensures sensible solutions that lead to profitable results. Here’s (briefly) how it works:

  1. We identify and reframe your actual problem—not the one you think it is.
  2. We collaborate with your team experts to create well-informed strategies
  3. The ThinkWell process builds useful, profitable solutions—not just wild ideas.
  4. ThinkWell’s implementation plans get the approved solutions in-market, and on time.

What is my thinking style?

Branding + Identity

Never forget.

It takes seven encounters for your brand to be remembered. Neuroscience has confirmed that only two parts of our brain respond to facts and statistics about a company. A good brand story activates seven parts of the brain. Our brains use the same parts (Pallidium, frontal cortex, and posterior cingulate) for brand recognition that we use for familiar faces. We use the latest developments in neuroscience, archetypal identity, visuals, the tone of voice, and brand storytelling. Let’s help you build a brand that is memorable, and creates a positive experience in your customers’ minds. Our branding includes:

  1. Archetype Identification
  2. Branding Exercise
  3. Brand Match (which brand you most closely resemble)
  4. Brand Story (Narrative)
  5. Brand Positioning
  6. Brand Territory
  7. Persona Development
  8. Competitive Research
  9. Naming and taglines
  10. Readabiity Level
  11. Tone of Voice
  12. Value Proposition

Need a new brand?

Design + Creative Services

Get noticed.

Humans are visual creatures and respond to visuals faster than to any other form of content. We also make snap judgments on visuals in just 50 milliseconds. By the way, it takes 300 milliseconds to blink. That means every time your customers encounter your brand—from the product to the call center operator to your 404 error page—is a chance to win them over—or disappoint them. Make sure it’s a positive experience. We can refresh your existing visual assets—or start from scratch and give your brand a whole new look and feel, one more in line with your customers. We specialize in award-winning design that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for form. Our in-house Creative Services include:

  1. Animation
  2. Branding and Logos
  3. Color Psychology
  4. Design
  5. Iconography
  6. Illustration
  7. Photography

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Website Design + Development

Built right the first time.

We don’t just believe in crafting a better web—we practice it. Every project, from email to eCommerce gets the same attention and treatment. Here’s what we do for you on every web project:

  1. Accessibility for WCAG and ADA: All websites and landing pages are built to be AA compliant. Need to go AAA compliant? We can do that, too.
  2. Mobile-friendly (responsive): We build once, and it works on pretty much every Internet-capable device.
  3. GDPR: We have clients in the EU, so we know what you need to remain GDPR-compliant.
  4. WordPress is our best friend: We prefer to build on WordPress for many reasons, the biggest being that 31% of the Internet runs on it, so most of you are already familiar with it on the backend.
  5. Google is our second best friend (SEO): We like her friend, Bing, too. We love optimizing sites for search, and getting our clients to rank higher than their competitors.
  6. We play nice with others: We also frequently build on Shopify, DrupalJoomla, and Magento.
  7. Secure Staging Environments: This means you can see and interact with a working clone of your final site before we push it live.
  8. Quality Assurance: Projects are tested for functionality, working links, spelling, appropriate imagery, addresses, names, titles, phone numbers that tap to call, form completions, conversion testing, analytics firing, etc.


Let's build something great

Digital + Content Marketing

The hardest working part of a website gets the least love from clients: Content

There are several reasons to let us create instead of trying to do it yourself. When we write, we balance the brand’s tone of voice with search considerations, audience expectations, mobile reading patterns, semantic structure, architectural taxonomy, and topical relevance, while still making it sound natural. So… do you still think your intern should write the copy for you?

  1. Content Strategy
  2. Fair pricing—we work within your spend
  3. Content Calendars
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Link Building Campaigns
  6. Blogging and Whitepaper Creation
  7. Content Curation
  8. Demand Generation
  9. Website Copywriting
  10. Content Marketing and Promotion
  11. Social Media Posts and Management
  12. Analytics and Reporting

We can make that happen.

SEO + Search Marketing

Not all who wander are lost.

Unless they can’t find the content they were looking for. Then they are definitely lost. That’s why we optimize sites and landing pages for search. The days of worrying over keywords are mostly behind us. Google reads like a human now, and that means we should be writing for people—not algorithms. Need a good search marketer? You’re not lost. You’ve found the right agency. Here are some of the areas of search marketing where we excel:

  1. Local search (paid and organic)
  2. Product search
  3. Amazon search
  4. Optimization for businesses with multiple locations
  5. Map search (yes, maps are search engines, too)
  6. Content marketing

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Strategic Services

Measure twice, cut once.

That old carpenter’s maxim holds especially true for marketing and advertising. The sad practice of “throwing ideas and seeing what sticks” needs to end. That’s like playing the lottery with your budget. A solid strategy upfront prevents mistakes later on. Strategies ensure your marketing spend is in line with your business goals. Element5 uses a proprietary strategic input called ThinkWell to inform our strategies. ThinkWell is a collaborative effort between your team and ours and is held prior to any work. Here are the Strategic Services Element5 offers:

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Customer Journey Mapping
  4. Information Architecture
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Social Media Strategy
  7. ThinkWell Ideation

Leave the planning to us.

User Experience

No one complains that their site is “too easy to use”

User experience is crucial. Element5’s team thinks about it from Day One of your project. It’s even part of our company mantra, “Crafting a better web.” Studies and experience have repeatedly shown that a good user experience leads to higher sales and happier customers. It reduces maintenance and call center costs, and aids in customer loyalty and retention. Our User Experience offerings:

  1. Accessibility (WCAG, AA + AAA)
  2. Contrast + Color Blindness Testing
  3. Device Testing (We test live. We do not use simulators.)
  4. High Fidelity Wireframing
  5. Mental Models
  6. Prototypes that you can interact with from home and leave comments on
  7. Usability Testing + Café Testing
  8. User Flows (including e-commerce purchases)

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