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We’re Element5—a friendly, Midwest digital marketing agency.

We listen to you. About your brand. Your pain points. What’s working and what’s not. You know your brand better than anyone else. We can help you by focusing your story—with unique messaging and a visual language that tells who you are, what you do and why you do it. Would you like to know a bit more about our process for digital marketing?

We’d much prefer to be true business partners with you, rather than just, “…that agency that does our website.” That means keeping in touch with you. No, really. We can’t count how many clients have told us their previous agencies couldn’t be bothered to give them a weekly call, or Slack them a simple update.

Once we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ll get that strategy in place for you. If your brand only consists of a logo, we’ll help you out there, too. Give you a tone and voice, and show you other brands that take similar approaches.

Then let’s get to that content. It’s why people come back to your site. Whether you create the content, we do it for you, or a mix of both, we’ll get it done.  We’ll keep the tone and voice consistent, and optimize it so it’s easy to find you on Google.

We’ll build your site (or repair your current one) so it meets the expectations of all your audiences. Oh, and every site we build works on smartphones and tablets, too—no need to keep up multiple sites.

Measure it all? You bet. One of our first questions to you will be, “How will we know if we did a good job for you?” If you’re not successful—we’re not either.

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ThinkWell is how Element5 generates hundreds of ideas for our clients in just a few hours.

Let’s face it. Most brainstorming sessions are a joke.

Everyone stares at each other in a crowded conference room until the two loudest people come up with three passable ideas that get written down by the project manager … and never used.

Sound uncomfortably familiar? We thought so. That’s where we come in. ThinkWell is a guided technique that generates a lot of ideas. Fast. How many ideas? We average over 200 ideas in a two-hour session.

All the ideas are categorized and cataloged for your company. And we don’t stop with marketing ideas. We offer up ideas for business improvement, corporate culture, attracting better talent—even urban landscape art! We don’t judge.

Does your company need a jolt of fresh ideas?

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