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Need Help Writing? Here are 14 Writing Tools that Will Make All Your Dreams Come True.

April 2016

We get it; writing isn’t easy even for the best of us. Some days are definitely better than others. However, regardless if you feel like you could write the next great novel or you’re slaving away over a single sentence; these incredible writing tools will help. We promise (because we use them every day)!

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Ever sat staring at your screen wracking your brain for that one, the perfect word that seems to be escaping you? Well, OneLook Reverse Dictionary helps you articulate that word on the tip of your tongue. Unlike a normal thesaurus, this app allows you to input a concept or phrase and then will give you back a list of words and phrases related to the one you entered. Whether you give it a sentence, a question, or a simple word, OneLook will have answers for you.

Not only has this tool proven to be a great resource when words have refused to come, it also is a fun tool to play around with and see how various words and phrases are connected.



I confess I have never been the best speller – especially when I am on a writing spree. When an idea comes to mind the only thing I am driven to do is write. I don’t want to worry about missed commas or subject-verb agreement. How many of you feel the same way? Raise your hands.

But in all seriousness, this tool is a godsend to any writer, no matter how persnickety of a grammar enthusiast you are. Not only will it spell-check your Facebook posts, emails and any other browser content on the fly, the premium version of this app will also check a document for plagiarism, proofread it and provide word suggestions to enhance your vocabulary.


Like the title suggests, this website is focused on one thing and one thing only: making sure everything is c-o-r-r-e-c-t. This tool scans your web content (think entire website) for errors that human, spell, and grammar checkers miss. While you must pay in order to gain access to the site’s full capabilities, you can try their product by using their demo or send them a text document to and get a reply in minutes with any errors they found.


Hemmingway App

Hemmingway was the master of short, yet rich sentences that could paint vivid images that were right to the point. He is still the reigning king of the shortest short story.  Want to take a leaf out of his book? Good news, you can! Plug your text into the Hemmingway App and see what would Hemmingway do. If that wasn’t enough, this app also keeps track of your word count and readability score.  Go ahead, copy and paste and watch your writing be edited by a master.


Help me write

Don’t know what to write about? Get your audience involved and let them help you decide. In addition to receiving free feedback on topics you’re thinking about writing on, this tool is also a great way to interact with your readers and get them more engaged in your brand and writing process.


StayFocusd App

One of the hardest aspects of writing is simply staying focused. Even when you’re filled with great thoughts and ideas, the danger of getting distracted by email, your Twitter feed, or Facebook. Enter StayFocusd.

This Chrome extension allows you to increase your productivity by limiting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites that distract from your writing. Add this app to your browser and see your productivity increase.


Calmly Writer

It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed with you open up a new word document or text editor. All the different choices seem to get in the way of you getting started. If this sounds like your typical day, then Calmly may be right for you.

As you begin to type in this simple—yet aesthetically appealing writer—all distracting options disappear from your interface. Furthermore, this app allows you to set your screen so that you only see the paragraph you’re working on at that time.

Keep calm and kiss your writing angst goodbye.



Say hello to the tool that will make writing a first draft feel like one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. No, seriously. If you suffer from blank-page-aphobia or are afflicted with writer’s block, this writing tool is perfect for you. What makes it so great? Instead of seeing the whole page, you are only allowed to see one letter at a time. Still skeptical, hear what these writers have to say.



If you’re looking for a way to better keep track of your notes and ideas, look no further. Evernote allows users to easily create everything from short checklists to lengthy pages of prose organized neatly and all in one place. You can also capture visual details like clips from web articles and photos just as easily.

What’s more, this app allows you to share your ideas and thoughts with your colleagues in real time without ever leaving the app. Once you ditch your old notes app and make the switch we doubt you’ll every want to go back.


Readability Score

While this app won’t point out your glaring grammar errors, it will tell you if what you wrote can be read. No matter how brilliant your prose sound, if your audience can’t make heads or tails of what you’re saying, it won’t matter. Most Americans read at a 7th grade level, yet companies tend to write above a 10th grade level, which may alienate readers. Even if they can read it, they can’t always comprehend everything. This is why checking your reading score is critical.

Use this simple tool to make sure that what you have to say can actually be read.


Bonus Tools:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Even though this tool is not a comprehensive writing tool, it still packs a punch. I personally use it every time I write a blog post. Why? Because in the words of advertising great, David Ogilvy, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” Take a second to think about that. Ok, got it? Now go play around with this awesome tool and create some killer headlines!



Do you struggle to keep track of time when you are working on a project? Have you been looking for a simple tool to help you? Well, Toggl is a great tool that can be used by both teams and individuals alike to keep track of and bill for all the time they put into a project.


Brainstorming is an essential part of the writing process. And sometimes it’s the very thing that’s holding you back. That’s where can come in handy. This tool allows you to map out and connect your ideas using bubbles. Get started, before you know it, your ideas will be popping up all over the place.



Like the name suggests, this site deals with all things grammar-related. If you have a grammar question, you will certainly find your answer here.


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