A strong advocate of data-driven communication, Will has a background in creative writing and several years’ worth of digital marketing experience. In his role as Content Manager Will works with clients and content marketers alike, coming up with “the why” behind all Element5 marketing projects. In this role, he also ensures that all the right systems are in place so that data can be collected, analyzed, and synthesized for any campaign or piece of content.

Before coming to Element5 Will worked at several different organizations building up his industry experience in agencies large and small, in addition to in-house roles. Along with his industry experience, Will holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from Thomas More College. While much has changed since then, he still considers poetry his first love.

Outside of working hours, Will enjoys taking road trips, working on his old house, spending time with his family and attempting to write stories that always seem to turn into better poems.

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I think in a way my job is giving impetus to content and providing a why. Anyone can produce content, but here at Element5 we have the ability to qualitatively and quantitatively come up with a good 'why should I do this.' My job is to help come up with that good why.

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