After graduating from Oakland University with a degree in Communications and a minor Advertising, Victoria Arroyo decided she didn’t want any old communications job. So, naturally, she joined Element5.

In her role as Project Manager, Victoria uses her superb organizational skills and calm demeanor to keep all E5 projects on task. Victoria plans and coordinates tasks and meetings so naturally, it’s almost as if she can read her team’s minds. She makes sure everyone has what they need to work seamlessly together to accomplish their common goal.

In her free time, Victoria typically enjoys attempting some sort of DIY she found on Pinterest (that’s usually too ambitious for her own good) or watching HGTV in a giraffe onesie.

Team Member Headshot
Since I was 12 years old, I have been interested in marketing and advertising. When I decided to major in communications, I realized it was the part of marketing that I am really passionate about.

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