As the Element5 office manager, Lauren Pienta provides human resource, accounting, and organizational support to the E5 CEO and leadership team. Lauren also helps out where she can with the other Core3 family companies: Gentleman’s Box, and the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA).


Lauren has a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University. After graduation, she went to D.C. to work in the public sector as a consultant for the Department of Defense, which is just about as exciting as it sounds. A year and a half later, she moved back to Michigan to take a job with Google as a digital support specialist. After her three year stint at Google, she moved out to California and decided to go to beauty school, something she always wanted to do.


Lauren’s time as an artistic director’s assistant was what got her excited about working under an executive. When she moved back to Michigan two years ago, Lauren knew she wanted to find a job where she could apply her skills as an executive assistant and her knowledge of the digital space. When Lauren came across Element5, she knew it was what she had been looking for. 


In her free time, Lauren enjoys exploring Detroit, going to live music concerts, and spending time with her family and dog.

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When our team is running on all cylinders, our clients receive exceptional service. My goal is to make sure our work environment & culture allow us to do just that.

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