Greg Moreno cites the mean streets of Tacoma, Washington as the place where he got his real education. However, he does credit Washington State University for giving him a Bachelor’s in Communication. 

As the Element5 Development Project Manager, Greg provides guidance on both business development and constructing new systems. He specializes in analyzing a business’ processes and discovering new ways that they can do business better. Whether he is coming up with a more efficient marketing, or workflow automation or developing other web tools, Greg is always looking for ways to make a website perform better and help clients achieve their goals. 

One of Greg’s favorite aspects of working with Element5 is that the team is always trying to deliver on client satisfaction and wow customers through good service. When he is not overseeing the development team or consulting with clients, Greg loves to travel and do any sport that has an ounce of risk associated with it. Kitesurfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, you name it, Greg loves doing it all.

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Element5 ROCKS because it always tries to under promise and over deliver. We truly try to deliver client satisfaction and WOW customers through good service.

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