Display Media

Display media—it’s not just for desktops anymore. In fact, mobile display has some of the highest click-through rates of any digital medium right now. We’re fans. We’re also fans (and customers) of retargeting (remarketing) ads that follow your visitors through the customer journey to sale. Hire us to see why we practice what we preach and continually demonstrate winning results for our clients.

Media Analytics

If you don’t measure what you’ve done, how can you say with any certainty that you’ve done well? The answer is you can’t, and that’s why we measure, refine and report for our clients—and for ourselves. We use state-of-the-art measurement tools and techniques to pull relevant data and then analyze it all with the most powerful tool in the industry—human beings. There’s no substitute or technology that can match what a trained analyst can uncover. And there are (currently) no tools that can provide smart recommendations that stay on brand and on strategy. We can.

Media Purchasing

Media purchasing is generally the highest marketing expenditure in your budget. Why would you waste money having an employee or intern work in it? It’s not their core competency, and they lack the training and experience needed to purchase media in the right locations, at the right timeslots and at the best prices.

Take the worry off your finances and the burden off your employees. Let us handle this critical piece of your marketing budget and see why Element5’s clients insist on having us maintain their media purchases. See our case study on how we increased click-through rates so high for one of our customers that they periodically halt ads to keep up with the work—the best problem to have!


Whether you handle your own media buys or work with another agency, ask us for recommendations. We can put a critical eye to your spend, ensure you’re making smart purchases and getting the best prices. Many of our clients have us give a second opinion on media spends to make certain their media agency is doing the right thing.

Spoiler Alert: Unless you’re a big spender, they probably aren’t.

Search Buys

Buying ads on say, Google, is not the easy process they would have you believe. While the actual steps are not difficult, getting decent results can be. Why? Google will have you bid on tons of keywords—most of which have little to do with your brand and deliver terrible results at inflated prices. Why, you ask? Google and Bing make money convincing you to spend more money. It takes an experienced media purchaser—like the ones at Element5—to analyze your brand and get you the hardest working keywords for the best price and value.

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