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Make It Easy: Connect with Customers

Lyle King Red

By Lyle King Red | May 2020

Setup Google My Business

The first place majority of people go when looking for something is Google so it’s important you do everything you can to make sure you appear in those results. One method is to optimize your site for search engines, and Search Engine Optimization is great but is a specialized skill that not just anyone can do.

Google My Business on the other hand is an easy way to claim your spot in the results and is fairly easy for you to set up yourself. Oh, and it’s FREE and will also verify that your business information is correct on Google Maps! You can find the exact breakdown of the process to claiming your business on Google’s website but just know once you finish that process customers will be able to find your hours, contact information, and address for your business right within their results.

Also, Don’t skip out on photos either add your logo and some location shots to entice customers.

Setup Social Media Profiles

No surprise that social media would find it’s way on the list, it has completely changed how our world communicates and you need to be where the people are (84% of people with access to the internet use social media). We understand trying to manage a profile for every social platform is time-consuming, so don’t do it. Focus on just one for now and add others as you become more comfortable, add more people to your team, or see your customers switching to a new platform. Let’s start with Facebook since they lead this charge with 2.5 billion monthly users – 1/3 of the world population!

Facebook made it even easier for businesses to take advantage of their platform by introducing Business Pages and is entirely FREE to setup. This will allow you to not only claim your business but provide you key insights and analytics on how the platform is leading to business growth. Just make sure you completely fill out your profile.

The most important thing to remember with social media platforms is to interact with your customers!

Setup Live Chat for Your Website

Live chat functionality is becoming more of a norm for websites as it has become more affordable. It’s no surprise either, live chat allows you to instantly answer any questions, lower your bounce rate, and  increases the user’s confidence in your product/service.

What people might not realize is that it doesn’t have to be you every time. In the same way how your phone system might provide your customer with information and options before getting to an actual person, many live chat systems have set up some type of “script” or “bot” feature that will allow you to create automatic replies. This allows common questions to get answered quickly without interrupting you! Just don’t over due the bot functionality. The same way how no one wants to sit and listen to a 12min bot reply on the phone no one wants to read annoying scripts over and over again. At some point, it’s better to just let the user know you’re not currently available and when they should expect a reply.

Setup Online Appointment Scheduling

This will allow your customers to schedule the appointment, set up the meeting link, save the meeting to their calendar, and save it to your calendar without you having to do a single thing. This could happen while your sleeping!

We highly recommend using Calendly because we find it to be one of the most affordable and user-friendly options. The best part is you can connect with a Zoom or Google Meet account to instantly provide a video call link to your visitor.

Start Collecting Emails & Setup a Newsletter

A Newsletter is a great tool for any business, it’s proven to work. It’s important to remember “with great power comes great responsibility”, so don’t spam your customers. You don’t want to fill your audience inbox(s), this will lead to them unsubscribing or even worse sharing a bad testimonial.

These are budget-friendly options that Element5 has set up for clients before. Even if you’re not a developer, most newsletter systems have some type of visual form builder you can easily copy and paste into your site to start collecting emails.

Lyle King Red

Written by

Lyle King Red

Lyle works side by side with our design team, figuring out the best way to bring the artwork they create to life.

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