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Is My Site Secure? What You Need to Know About SSL

April 2019

If your website is not using an SSL certificate, you need to add one.

I Don’t Know if My Site is Secure

The easiest way to determine if your site is secure is to go to it and look at the URL in the address bar. If you see a lock to the left of your URL and/or see HTTPS at the beginning of your URL, then you are using an SSL.


If your site is not secure, you will not see HTTPS and if you are on Chrome you will see a warning saying, “Not Secure”.


Security Benefit

The main benefit of using an SSL is security. HTTP is outdated technology. Years ago, HTTPS was slow and expensive to implement. Today, HTTPS is faster than HTTP and most hosting services include it for free. Securing your website with an SSL certificate provides extra layers of protection.

SSL certificates provide:

  • Encryption: protects all data transmissions to and from server
  • Data integrity: ensures the data requested is the data delivered
  • Authentication: ensures connection to the correct server

SEO Benefit

The secondary, but equally important, benefit to SSL is SEO value. Search engines like Google use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Websites with a secure connection will rank higher than websites without one, when other SEO factors remain the same. You still need to focus on other important SEO factors, but whenever you can do an SEO best practice that is quick and easy, you should be doing it.

An illustration of an SSL lock.

How Do I Make My Site Secure?

Depending on your websites hosting service, you may have access to a free SSL certificate. The first thing to do, would be to reach out to your current host and ask if they provide this for free.

If they don’t, you should probably start looking for a new host since this is becoming standard in the industry.

At Element5, all of our hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate. Contact us today to learn more about our website hosting or if you have any questions regarding SSL!

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