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How to Incorporate Branding Elements in Your Marketing

March 2018

How to incorporate Branding Elements in Your Marketing

  1. The Elevator Pitch should form the basis for the homepage hero copy and display advertising end-screens
  2. The Value Proposition should form the basis for the About Us page
  3. The Tagline and Elevator Pitch are both great foundations for email subject lines
  4. The Tone of Voice should always be the guiding principles for the body copy throughout the site, content marketing, social media posts, etc.
  5. The research and facts from the company subject matter experts (SMEs) should always form the basis of any whitepapers, and infographics

Here’s how to incorporate branding into your marketing—the right way

So your company just had a rebranding. You went through one of those branding exercises that have a bit of strange magic to them, and you see the company in a whole new light. Now you have this lovely brand book that has some powerful information to digest—but today you have some writing to do for your website, so you’ll read it this weekend.

Oh, wait, no. You’re going rock climbing this weekend. Next weekend, for sure.

Time to write this website copy. I know the brand backward and forwards. Should be a cakewalk for me. Let’s see. One powerful sentence on the homepage. Um…

Should it be a feature? Yes! Wait. We have 37 features. [ rubs temples ]

No, wait! A sentence about the team and how collaborative we are. But… the CMO hates our team shots, and she wants us to emphasize our internal culture. [ stares at the stain on co-worker’s desk ]

I know, I’ll ask our Information Architect. She designed the site. She’ll know what to write.


WRITER: “Hello, Saanvi? I have a quick question… What’s the best sentence to put on the hero image of the homepage? Yes. The elevator pitch from the brand book? Why do you say that?”

IA: “Because it’s carefully word-smithed. The elevator pitch says exactly what we do in one sentence. Remember when our sales team started using it in their pitches last month? Leads were closed much faster.”

WRITER: “That makes so much sense. I never considered it because branding seems too ‘salesy’ to me. I thought websites should be more… factual. Formal..”

IA: “Why would you think that websites should be only factual or formal? Because software engineers designed them? I bet if you listed your ten favorite websites, you’d find very compelling, emotional copy on the homepage. Or at least, copy that makes you want to be part of that experience.”

WRITER: “That’s so true. Huh, I hadn’t thought about that. Hm, hey what about the About Us page? Any tips for me, there?”

IA: “Certainly. Use the new value proposition as the About Us copy, and expand upon it, using the tone of voice the Brand Manager established. Also, note that the tone of voice should be used throughout our marketing materials—and the website is no exception.

“The Brand Ethos is in the Brand Books as well. That is a more succinct way of describing what we stand for than that stodgy mission statement we had from 1987. It was godawful, overly long, and no one could recite it from memory without falling into a sleep-induced coma.”

WRITER: “You’ve just saved me from canceling a weekend trip, Saanvi! Thank you.”

While that was a fictitious example, it’s quite a common occurrence among companies and even (gasp) advertisers that do this for a living. Many companies sit through the branding results meetings, find it all very fascinating and even feel reinvigorated about the company.

Then they forget all about it and go back to their old habits. Le sigh…

What results is the branding is a waste of time for the company. sales continue to flatline or decline, and the writers continue to reinvent the wheel when they have a perfectly good guide in front of them as their north star.

If this sounds like your company or agency’s situation, you might want to contact us. We not only excel at branding companies, but are great at showing your employees what this all means, and how to incorporate it into their daily work.

Call us. You’ll be glad you did.

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