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How Pinterest Improved our Content Marketing Campaigns

Paul Chambers

By Paul Chambers | August 2018

Pinterest has quickly become one of the top social media platforms. With over 200 million users each month, Pinterest is a platform that you should consider when creating your social media strategy.

One in every two millennials uses Pinterest. While the majority of Pinterest users are female, 40% of new signups are male. Meaning, there is a large number of people that are using Pinterest.

At Element5, we created Pinterest campaigns for two clients (one paid and one organic) to help increase the reach of content and generate more sales.

Here is how Pinterest improved our content market campaigns.

Organic Pinterest Campaign

Blueforce Staffing is a travel nurse agency that places nurses in jobs across the country.

Blueforce needed to reach new nurses with content about travel nursing and increase the amount of travel nurse applicants.

Our marketing team spent time researching specific keywords that people were searching for about travel nursing. We found that many people were searching for the different types of specialties a nurse could choose and which of those paths are the most desirable for employers and pay the best.

We researched and then wrote an informational article about the different options nurses have for specialties.

We then created a plan to promote this piece of content. We decided to use Pinterest as one of our distribution channels. Our designers created a variety of Pinterest graphics with different copy and images (see below).

When we posted the pins to Blueforce’s Pinterest page, we linked each Pin to the blog post and optimized the captions to appear in Pinterest’s search engine.

Organically, our Pins had over 7,300 impressions, 221 clicks, and 30 saves. Additionally, Blueforce’s Pinterest follower count grew by 78%.

With the help of Pinterest and a well-written and optimized blog post, our nursing specialties article became a featured snippet on Google, which launched Blueforce’s organic traffic to a new level.

Since we published the article and launched the Pinterest campaign, the article has been read over 2,700 times.

Paid Pinterest Campaign

Custom Sock Shop is a one-stop shop for all things socks.

Custom Sock Shop’s customers create custom socks a variety of purposes. The majority of their orders are for corporate businesses, sports teams, and bridal parties.

We decided to create a campaign targeting brides and grooms planning their wedding for the spring and summer months.

With a large market for wedding content, Pinterest was the perfect platform to execute a bridal campaign.

Our designer created two ad sets each for different audiences—one for brides, the other for grooms (see below). While the campaign was paid, we had a relatively small budget to work with at only $250.

We optimized each Pin for Pinterest’s search engine and linked each to a unique landing page for brides and grooms.

The pins generated 183,825 impressions, 3,017 engagements, 419 clicks, and 292 saves.

Since the launch of this Pinterest campaign, Custom Sock Shop’s website traffic from Pinterest has increased by 1,643.64%.

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