Facebook offers a variety of ways for users to keep connected and informed. The social network allows web browsers to “like” pages that they want to recommend to others. Google has decided to join the competition and has started offering a similar service with their “+1”. The service is comparable to Facebook’s “like” feature, but the “+1” will also be integrated in to Google’s search engine.

In order to use Google +1, users will need a Google profile. If they already have a profile, an upgrade is needed to connect to the new feature. When a user clicks “+1” on a webpage, it will be stored within their Google profile. From their profile, users can easily delete pages that they no longer wish to recommend.

The idea is to make searches more relevant to each user. If a person searches for a recipe, Google will let them know which web pages have been recommended by their friends. Rather than browsing a generic search, Google hopes that users will be able to more easily access information that will be helpful to them.

Google +1 was rolled out to select users in late March. The feature is now available to the general public and many websites have already added the feature to their website.

The “Like” button has been integrated in to over two million websites, giving Facebook a significant head start on this type of feature. Google’s version is clear competition and has no plans to incorporate Facebook friendships into the “+1” feature. Google already includes Twitter data in to the search engine. Google has no plans to immediately incorporating Twitter accounts with the Google +1, but it is something that could happen in the future.



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