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More than 100 family entertainment centers were graded on 11 key metrics to determine how the industry is performing online.

With an average score of 56 out of 100, the tests proved there is much room for improvement within the FEC industry.

Each company was scored on:

  • stateoftheindustry-previewReading grade score
  • Headline strength
  • Local search awareness
  • Social activity
  • Site loading speed
  • Mobile/Responsive
  • … and more.

The industry has struggled to find its place in the digital world, but now is the time to finally make changes. Failing to keep up with the necessary changes will have your FEC falling behind and out of mind.

Two of the most important aspects for FECs in 2015 are the need for a mobile-friendly or responsive site and aligning to Google’s heavy focus on local search. The majority of your customers are finding your company in search results on their mobile devices—create a quality online experience for them!


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