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Your digital presence can attract, or deter, potential customers. Are you staying competitive in the FEC industry?

This year our team presented at F2FEC—a family entertainment conference for the industry’s elite. Our presentation discussed the digital state of the industry, where it’s lacking and what we can do to improve it together.

The Element5 team created FEC industry scorecards for each company in attendance at F2FEC. We graded more than 100 FECs on eleven metrics to determine the online strength of each brand.

The overall results?


The FEC industry average was a mere 56 out of 100—a failing grade.

How can Element5 help?

We want your online presence to complement your organization’s environment and goals.  Element5 proudly created the C.J. Barrymore’s website, seeking to craft a unique experience like no other in the FEC industry. 


Digital services provided:


The new C.J. Barrymore’s site has been astoundingly effective. Web design and development coupled with digital marketing techniques have resulted in a 20% increase in online party bookings, when compared year over year. Organic traffic has grown 14%, and mobile users are up 45%.

The company received an industry report card score of 92—the highest score of all surveyed companies.


Additionally, the website was recognized for its uniqueness with the honor of a 2014 Platinum MarCom Award for Web Design.

Many FECs are trailing behind and still relying on outdated websites, giving you an even better opportunity to get ahead in the industry. As an FEC, it’s important to consider how your customers are using and accessing your website. Responsive websites, clean designs and quick readability are imperative. And yet, so many FECs lack all of these.

How is your FEC performing online?

We’ll perform a complete audit of your site and help you determine the best strategy to enhance your digital presence. We bring your brand to life in the online world and help you capture new awareness, leads and lifelong customers.

Do you know where your company is missing opportunity? Find out.

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