Content Management

Every client has stories. Very few clients have time to tell them.

That’s our job. We’ll scour your archived photos, edit your video footage, and clean up copy that may have a great message hidden among too many words. We know you’re busy with your day job.

Corporate Blogging

Did you know that 85% of Fortune 500 firms blog and state blogging is a major sales tool for them?

It’s also one of the best tactics you can use to keep Google revisiting your site. We have on-staff bloggers who write posts and promote them every month for our clients. No matter how well the post is written, if it’s not promoted through email or social media, few folks will know about it. We’ll set up a content plan and calendar based on your audiences’ primary reading times and days.

Digital Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t really prove it happened.

We like to prove to our clients that we’ve paid for ourselves through our efforts. We take great pride not only in being able to report back what happened, but finding out why it happened, where it happened and how we can make it better. We flag anomalies, tag successes and give you something to brag about to your boss. All the while, this data ensures we’re making the right decisions to move your marketing forward and achieve online success for your business.

Google Adword and Bing Ad Creation

We excel at researching, bidding on, writing and maintaining pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Paying for placement in search engines is one way to ensure you can always be found by consumers looking for your products and services. Google AdWords and Bing Ads provide those opportunities.

We’ve taken over many of our clients’ PPC work, and lowered their monthly spend while increasing their click-throughs and qualified leads.

One of our PPC clients is getting so many qualified leads from our work, he frequently has us pause his ads because he has too much work—a good problem to have!

Influencer Marketing

“If I tell my Facebook friends about your brand, it’s not because I like your brand, but rather because I like my friends.” —Mike Arauz

When it comes to recommendations, we listen to our friends more than anyone else. Influencers aren’t just celebrities. From YouTubers with unboxing videos, to experts on HVAC that answer forum questions at midnight, to Wikipedia editors that focus on only one subject, influencers are everywhere. We can find the influencers in your industry and work with them to amplify your message with authority and credibility.

Mobile Search Ads

More than 40% of searches now come from mobile devices. Stands to reason. We have our phones on us all the time and lugging laptops everywhere isn’t convenient. Google and Bing know this too and are putting nearly all their eggs into the mobile basket.

This is why your brand needs to be optimized for mobile search and have ads that take advantage of the higher click-through rate that mobile search ads command.

Social Coverage of Events

Got an event that needs to be publicized and covered? Wondering how other events get so much Twitter traffic? They use companies like Element5 to cover these events with our Social Media Specialists. We’ll ensure that your event has its own hashtags, photography, tweets, posts—even post-event analytics to show how well your event trended.

Social Management

You know your social profiles are critical to customer relations, but you don’t have time to manage them. You’re not alone. Most companies are finding that interns don’t make great brand stewards and full staffers don’t have the time to answer Facebook complaints and reset blog passwords.

That’s where Element5 comes in.

Our Social Media Specialists have several years of experience maintaining profiles and presences on all the major social networks (and several you’ve probably never heard of). We speak CRM and respect your brand voice. We’ll maintain your customer relationships, post your content, respond to your visitors and present reports back to you each month.

Website Management

You have a website, and it needs constant updating. Problem is, you also have a day job and content management wasn’t in your job description. Neither was learning how to optimize images for the homepage slider. The reality is, to maintain a website these days, you need to be an expert in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, domain name servers, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, email marketing, Hubspot and countless other applications.

Not what you signed up for, is it? Element5 can help. Responsive design may not be your core competency, but it’s ours. So is keeping up on every aspect of modern web maintenance, optimization, analytics, security, load balancing—everything you need to keep your site—and its associated technologies.

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