Digital-Marketing-MistakesDigital marketing is essential to survive in today’s technology-based world. Companies are getting inventive by constructing creative digital marketing plans. However, the Internet moves quickly – as does digital marketing techniques. It’s easy to get caught up in things and make simple marketing mistakes. Executing a process filled with digital marketing mistakes will cost you time, money, and maybe even your company’s reputation. To help you avoid some of the simplest types of digital marketing mistakes, today’s blog outlines the most common errors.

No plan of action

When companies realize they are behind in digital marketing efforts, they often have a momentary panic attack and want to immediately start utilizing the Internet, social networks and digital marketing techniques to catch up with competitors. However, marketing aimlessly won’t get you anywhere. Configure a plan. Within your digital marketing strategy, you should consider and plan the following:

  • Set goals
  • Determine methods of tracking
  • Decide who is responsible for which duties
  • Choose which digital marketing methods best fit your company’s needs

Weak content

The content a company produces can add significant value to its digital marketing strategy. However, a major marketing mistake is publishing weak, duplicated or stolen content. If quoting another source, always give them credit. Unless you have previously discussed it with the writer, never take an entire blog from another source and post it on your company’s website. Included in this is photography use. If you are using a photograph from an outside source, always give that source credit. Using a photo service, such as shutterstock, can help alleviate this problem. These services offer copyright-free pictures with monthly memberships. Additionally, be conscious of stuffing your content with keywords. The language of your content is important for SEO. Overusing keywords, known as keyword stuffing, can result in low search engine results.

Acting like a robot

Many digital marketers are now utilizing automation tools to send out status updates, tweets and messages. However, to increase Digital-Marketing-Mistakessocial engagement, companies must proactively monitor and respond to customer comments, tweets and replies. Digital marketing requires a certain level of humanization. Also, always remember to use your manners in your digital marketing methods. A simple thank you can go a long way. Potential customers will more likely remember a company that has taken the time to respond to their social media posts and  was courteous in the process.

Not Optimizing

There are many opportunities to optimize for search engine optimization within digital marketing. Create a checklist of things you want to optimize for.  Each time you publish – blogs, videos, etc — review the checklist.  Before publishing a post, ensure the following have been optimized:

  • Picture title
  • Picture description
  • URL slug
  • Headline
  • Meta description

Digital marketing can be very effective and fun, so long as you avoid marketing mistakes like these. If you’re interesting in creating a digital marketing strategy for your company, we’d love to help! Let’s chat!



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