App Design

You’ve got a great app in mind, but you also know apps don’t get downloaded unless they have a distinct visual style and are easy to use. We agree. We love every aspect of app design—from choosing appealing color schemes—to ensuring the customer’s journey through the app is seamless—to reducing navigation to its core elements.

Front-End Design

There are few things more frustrating to a designer than seeing an approved design go live and it…doesn’t quite match their design. We specialize in creating pixel-perfect designs that precisely match every detail of the original comps.

We’re WordPress fanatics; however, we’re just as comfortable developing in Joomla, Drupal or Bootstrap builds, too. We just happen to have a preference for WordPress and its enormous and active developer community. There are very good reasons that 22% of the world’s websites run on WordPress.

PSD Cut-Ups

Whether we design your site, or you have your own designer, all sites tend to start out as multilayered Photoshop documents (PSDs). There’s an art to cutting up the PSD into an HTML-ready format. We’re pretty darn good at that. We also make dozens of tiny decisions when converting the PSD to ensure your site loads rapidly, with the fewest number of images possible.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Sites are only as good as their accuracy and functionality.

QA isn’t just running spellcheck on the copy. We run every site through numerous rounds of regression testing on a staging server, then more testing once it’s live to ensure everything still looks and acts as expected.

Element5’s developers test all your links and redirects. We run sample forms and subscribe to your newsletters dozens of times. In short, we try to put your site through all the abuse your visitors will until we’re confident it’s stable and sturdy enough to get you through your busiest seasons.

Responsive Builds

We build every site with your mobile users in mind first. After all, they now outnumber desktop computer users almost 2:1, globally. Responsive builds ensure that one build works on every device—mobile, tablet or desktop—with no reduction in the experience or content delivered to your visitors.

Another good reason to go responsive: Google is actively penalizing non-responsive sites by lowering their search positions. And if your customers can’t find you, you might as well close up shop.

Our responsive builds not only function perfectly, they look great and have won numerous design awards. Let us redesign your site to work everywhere with a smart, responsive build.

Site Hosting

We are more than happy to work with any host, but we will secretly admit, we’d prefer to be your host. We offer robust scalability, proxy servers, databases, disk caching, content delivery networks, staging and live server environments, daily backups, automated updates and most importantly, rock-solid security.

Staging Environments

Everyone has come across a site with a page or two that clearly wasn’t ready to go live. Embarrassing. That’s why we have two servers for your site. You get your own staging server (a private clone of your live server), where we can experiment with new features, copy and design without affecting the live version—and you can privately view and comment on the progress—even from home.

Once you like all the changes on the staging server, we literally push a button and send it all live (to your live server, of course).

Website Development

The core of our development business is building amazing websites that exceed our clients’ expectation.

All of our sites are responsive design builds that meet W3C Standards and have accessibility features so all your customers can view them with comparable experiences.

New Call-to-action

We will make you look great online owl the time.

Give us a try. We’re a hoot