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What it's like at Element5

Although we spend most of our time at the ‘Shire‘, we do like to break it up with team outings and events throughout the year.

e5 team at summer event

Summer Corelympics

Strength, Honor, Cornhole, and Legos™. The great summer corelympics puts office rivalries to the ultimate test. The winners must show their ability to work as a team as well as an individual in order to claim the coveted status of Corelympics Champion.

“We know culture. We have the best culture.”

—Element5 President

Chili Cook Off Trophy

Chili Cook-Off

Cornbread, Rice, and What The Heck is this Spice?!… Bring your crockety cauldron concoctions of beans and meat (optional) to win over taste buds of the office and become the Chili Cook-Off champion. You can keep it simple like grandma does or get creative, either way this is definitely the most tasty event of the year.

halloween party at element5

Pumpkin Carvin’ Comp

We can craft a killer website but you may not know that we can carve a darn good pumpkin too. The annual Pumpkin Carvin’ Comp has become a tradition during our Halloween Bash. You’ll be sure to see plenty of pumpkin guts flying.

“It’s all about the pumpkin’s story, your carving can suck, but if the story is solid you’ll take the trophy.”

– Pumpkin Carvin’ Champ, 2019

element5 holiday party

Holiday Bash

Tis the season to deck the halls and get festive. The Holiday Bash is our time as a team to come together and celebrate the hard work we’ve done all year. Competitions? Of course we have them at the bash. Grab your oven mits and dice because it’s about to go down.

element5 team on boat cruise

Boat Day

Once the grey skies clear and the temps finally rise, we load up on a boat and spend the day on the water. No better way to recharge like a day spent soaking up the sun and cruisin on the lake with the team, White Claws in hand.

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