Branding Design

We love branding. We love giving new life to tired old brands. We love creating the multisensory experience that potential customers will have. We’ve created tasteful, award-winning branding experiences for many of our clients and their sub-brands. Want to improve your brand experience? Give us a ring…

Interface Design

“Everything should be as simple as possible—but no simpler.”

Albert Einstein could have attributed his quote to interface design. It’s tough to resist the temptation to satisfy every department and when you do, the end result is often a cluttered homepage or confusing navigation that no one wants to use.

Interface design is art and science. Element5’s Interface Design team has well over 20 years of experience designing simple, elegant front-end solutions for websites, mobile apps and kiosks.

Logo Creation

As the visual stamp of the brand, a good logo can make a mediocre company look upscale and refined. We’ve won numerous design awards for our visuals and branding. Hire us to create a look for your brand or update a tired logo and see why.

Marketing Graphics

Nearly every image we create is a marketing graphic in some respect. We not only make great images for your brand, we create the brand guidelines (style books, some call them) and build easy-to-use media repositories so you can access your graphics from anywhere with your browser.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is not just a buzzword. It’s a new paradigm in approaching website design. It means thinking, designing and developing from the lowest common denominator (mobile) first. Making a site that looks great on desktop Macs and PCs is easy. Mobile is tough. Limited screen real estate. Gestures in place of mouse clicks.

Responsive design takes this into account and gets the mobile design right first. This way we’re not thinking large to small (which invariably means some content gets cut on mobile). We don’t think mobile visitors (who will be the majority soon) should be penalized for accessing your site from the device of their choosing. All of our designs are responsive and work elegantly on desktop, tablet, mobile—even gaming devices.

Social Profile Design

Need Facebook header images that don’t get cut off by the profile image? How about responsive Twitter images that work on desktop, mobile and tablet? We know. It’s annoying as heck. We keep up on the ever-changing profile dimensions of social media platforms so you don’t have to.

User-Based Design

Any experienced designer can make a beautiful site. But sometimes—giving designers free reign is like giving a toddler the keys to a laboratory. Not every designer can make a site that is easy to use, easy to navigate and fulfills user needs. Because user-based design is not just making a website pretty.

It’s truly thinking through the tasks a user will take, taking into account their age so that 45+ year-old clients aren’t faced with hard-to-read subtle color combinations for text and considering gender so color-blind males (8% of the US population) can actually read your content. User-based design means first and foremost, the site just works (and looks pretty).

Website Design

If you’ve read this far, you know that we take a lot of factors into consideration when we design a site:

1. We ensure your site is easily found in search

2. We’ll make an award-winning design for your brand

3. We ensure your content is sharable for social media

4. We build your site responsive so one build works on all platforms

5. We build from the user’s perspective, recognizing their needs and expectations

6. We don’t forget about fun. We love making sites that delight visitors, even including hidden features (Easter Eggs) for clients that like surprising their customers with something extra

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