“What’s the line between writing for search and writing great content for your brand?” Had that conversation? Truth be told, there is no line. If you’re writing truly great content, the rest takes care of itself. That’s not to say there aren’t methods for increasing your chances of being found. We do those, too.

Branded Content

Your brand isn’t your logo. It’s the experience you provide combined with what people say your brand is. A large part of that experience is ensuring all your content expresses your brand and its tone and voice. And it’s not just your written content—it’s the photos you post to Instagram, the videos you upload to YouTube, even your in-store experience.

Let us set the strategy and plan for your branded content. We’ll create a governance model to help champion and oversee the content internally. We’ll ensure your tone and voice stay on point and reflect the brand experience and personality.

Content Calendars

“Didn’t we post that topic already? I think it was last year.” It happens to most companies at one time or another. Except in companies that use Content Calendars. Content is a large part of digital marketing, and it’s important to stay organized when deploying writing tasks.

Content calendars are one of the simplest creations, yet it keeps content on time, resolves arguments, prevents accidental content duplication and manages everything from approvals to social media responses and even UTM tracking codes. You need one. We build them. See how simple that is?

Governance Models

The least sexy thing we create—unless content approvals are sexy. We think they are. No one wants internal battles over which department owns what content. It seems like everyone fights over who owns social media content (HINT: You all some part of it). The governance model we’ll create for your brand will solve issues and prevent others from arising such as:

  • Content Approvals
  • Chain of Command
  • Contingency Plans
  • Content Ownership
  • Content Creator Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing Content

There are three basic models to marketing content:

  1. Client-Created: You (client) create all your own content.
  2. Agency-Created: Your agency creates all the content.
  3. Hybrid: You create some content that may require unusual subject matter expertise and your agency creates the rest—usually the marketing content.

Guess what? We’re comfortable with all three arrangements and have some variation of each among our client base. Every company is different and has unique content challenges. We’re flexible.

Our end goal is to ensure your current and potential customers are getting the information they want on the platforms they use. We’ll review the data, make actionable decisions and help you create impactful content.

Multimedia Content

Say content marketing and most folks think email, blog posts, social media content and website updates. And they would be right. They would also be forgetting that content also includes other formats that don’t always involve the written word, such as video, photography, illustration, infographics, audio clips and podcasts. And yes, we do all of these in-house too, and quite well, if we do say so.

Searchable Content

If your customer can’t find your content, you’ve failed. Google has spoiled us. A few years ago, web designers were complaining that folks never read past the first three pages of search results. Today, most folks don’t read past the first three results! If you’re not in one of the top spots on page one (positions 1–4 on most devices), you might as well be invisible.

This is where searchable content comes in. A few years ago, that meant copy that read like a robot wrote it. Happily, this is no longer the case. Now it means having content that answers questions your customers have. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major focus when creating and maintaining an effective website, and our team can help you through the process.

Sharable Content

The biggest change in online behavior has been the desire to share content and find content worth sharing. There is no magic “Make it Viral” button, nor will techniques that worked for one company necessarily work for any others. What we can do is create content that is either useful or entertaining. We’re pretty good at both.

Creating sharable content ensures current and potential clients are interested in what your company has to say and see value in sharing that information with people on social networks and beyond. In, the awareness of your brand grows and everyone wins.

Social Policies

“You tweeted what? We need to delete that—immediately!” Nearly every socially active company has suffered the embarrassment of a post, tweet, email, video or photo that has gone live and shouldn’t have. Maybe you have an opinionated CEO that shouldn’t be tweeting, or an intern that responded improperly to a customer on Facebook. Whatever the situation, company social media usage requires a policy to proactively handle situations such as this.

We’ll work with your HR department, legal team and marketing team to craft two policies: one that covers every contingency should a customer do or post something damaging to your brand and one for internal to ensure your employees have guidelines to follow. An ounce of prevention…

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You’re gonna want to be on our side.