So, how do you depict big college sports pride while generating a compelling reason to donate?

Spartan Fund


The Spartan Fund needed a way to tell a compelling story, but static webpages often fail to engage and result in skimming of long-form content.

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Our website, prior to engaging Core3 Solutions, was very archaic, hard-to-navigate, and very matter-of-fact. With leading-edge design and features developed by Element5, we are able to provide the end-user with an experience that tells our story first…
—Tim Day Assistant Athletics Director of Annual Giving at Spartan Fund

Using Parallax to Tell a Story

We used Parallax scrolling techniques to guide the user and make the story more engaging. This resulted in higher engagement—particularly in social media. Traffic from social media soared and became one of the top traffic drivers.

Spartan Fund

She’s Fully Responsive & Runs like a Dream

Having an immersive experience is great, but that often comes at the expense of mobile and tablet viewers receiving a restricted or less than optimal experience. With a university audience, mobile is the primary device of choice, so having a consistent experience was paramount. Designing mobile-first gave Spartan Fund an awesome experience no matter what your device of choice is. (OK, OK. So maybe we didn’t optimize for Internet refrigerators.)

Spartan Fund

Performance by the Numbers

By creating a more fluid and engaging user experience, we were able to increase page views and conversions, and social media—a staple among university students—became one of the major traffic sources.

Spartan Fund Results

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