What features can you design into an entertainment center site that sets you apart from the crowd?

CJ Barrymore’s


The family entertainment field is crowded and competitive, but the websites offer little differentiation. CJ Barrymore’s wanted a site that 1) Drove traffic, and 2) stood out in an industry full of copycat sites.

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Analytics
  • Project management
  • Account Supervision


We created a highly trackable site with a unique feature: the homepage would swap its background video out based on the weather! When it’s warm out, you are shown outdoor activity videos. When it’s cold or rainy, you see indoor video. The site is also fully responsive for mobile and tablet.

CJ Barrymore’s


The CJ Barrymore’s website has unique features—and a unique design, as evidenced by its recent win—a 2014 Platinum MarCom Award for Website Design.

CJ Barrymore’s

Performance by the Numbers

Twenty percent increase in bookings year over year. Fourteen percent increase in users year over year. Forty-five percent increase in mobile users since the redesign.

CJ Barrymore's Results

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