How do you make PPC campaigns that cause the phone ring off the hook?

Bloomfield Construction


Bloomfield Construction relies heavily on paid media—particularly PPC—to get clients for the business, which is heavily reliant on seasonality and natural disasters.

  • Strategy
  • Keyword Analysis
  • PPC
  • Media Buys
  • Project Management
  • Account Supervision
If you let them do their thing while focusing on managing your people and growing your business it will be time & money well spent!
Jeff Petrucci President


Element5 analyzed Bloomfield Construction’s existing PPC efforts, tested new keywords and buys, and continually optimized until we saw consistent bumps and spikes in the PPC campaigns.

Bloomfield Construction

Performance by the Numbers

The results were so overwhelming Bloomfield Construction had the one result every business hopes for: too much work. We frequently pause the ads to keep them from getting overloaded.

Bloomfield Constructions Results

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