Content Strategy

If you’re like most companies, you have a story to tell, but aren’t good at telling it. There’s an art to knowing how to tell it, where it should live, when people should experience it and over what timespan, and the cadence of follow-up messaging.

Here’s where we can help you. A lot. We create and manage reams of content for our clients (and ourselves). We optimize content for search, but not so far that it loses tone and voice or reads awkwardly. We analyze posting times for your industry to ensure your content goes live when your visitors will actually encounter it. While we live for content calendars, we know that sometimes you need to react in real-time. We’re flexible like that.

Digital Ecosystems

When you need to see the big picture of what digital properties you own and how they play nicely together, you need an ecosystem. It’s a visual depiction of all your websites, social presences and profiles, microsites and ads, and how they all interact and drive traffic and visitors to where you want them.

Digital Strategy

Your digital strategy is the overarching strategy that connects and guides all the sub-strategies (content, media, social media, analytics, etc.) and provides the vision to success. It includes your ecosystem, measurement, goals and objectives and guess what? It will blend seamlessly with your existing marketing strategy—not fight it. We play well with others (especially other agencies).

Media Strategy

Just as it makes no sense to post content randomly with no content calendar or strategy, it makes no sense (strategically or financially) to run ads without an overarching goal and set of objectives to hit. We create smart media calendars, and use smart partner tools to ensure each ad is optimized and running at peak performance. Reporting? Customized to your individual needs.

Perception Gaps

Ever wonder why your messaging isn’t quite hitting the mark? It reads well, follows your style guide, but doesn’t seem to be having much effect on sales or reputation? Perhaps you need a perception gap created. We will match up your messaging against what people actually say about you and determine how close or distant they are. We can also use this to determine who your customers think your competitors are. It’s nearly always completely different from who you think they are.

Persona Development

You need to know your target market, but what if you don’t know what “18–24 year-old Asian girls who skateboard and craft” want out of a lipgloss mobile app? This is where a persona can help you. It lets you see your customer as a real person again, not as a list of heartless demographics.

Third-Party Research

No matter how unbiased an agency team tries to be in their research, they know your business quite well and this can taint their recommendations. This is why agencies insist (or should!) on third-party research. We want research performed by a party with no interest in your company’s success or failure.

Tactics and Execution

The nice thing about being Element5 is we get to see our strategies come to life and work on them throughout their lifecycles. It also means our strategists stay sharp in their craft because they work closely with the production group. Literally—they’re in the same room.

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