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How to Brew the Best Cup of Chemex Coffee

Tyler Zenk Sr Designer Heashot

By Tyler Zenk | September 2017

At Element5 we take coffee very seriously. Like, if-we-don’t-have-coffee-in-the-office-we-will-revolt. Seriously.


For most of the E5 team, coffee plays an integral role in our day. There’s the first cup to wake us up. Then the second cup once we get to the office and even the 3 pm coffee run to get us out of the office.


However, I’ve noticed that now in a time where everyone is moving faster than ever, and no one wants to wait for anything, even their coffee. Although we all know that Keurig coffee is the worst type of coffee (#sorrynotsorry), we still prefer it over waiting for a pot of coffee to brew.


However, I believe there is something magical about slowing down to make a cup of coffee and enjoying it.There are a plethora of different ways to brew a cup of joe. But my preferred method is using a Chemex.


For me, making a pot of Chemex is my form of meditation. My beverage yoga. It’s a method of brewing coffee you can’t rush; you have to be patient and precise.


It forces me to take a deep breath in…


…and slow out and actually, enjoy what I’m about to drink.

And because I am feeling generous and really because I think we all need to pump the breaks and slow down, I am going to share with you my recipe to make a perfect cup of Chemex coffee.




How to make the perfect cup of Chemex coffee


As you wait for your water to heat up, measure out the beans and grind em up real good. Smell the freshly ground coffee…


You can’t beat that.


When the water reaches the perfect temperature, pour some over the Chemex filter in preparation to add the coffee bean dust.

Here comes the bloom (Get excited)!


After sprinkling the bean dust into the Chemex, add just enough hot water to get the grounds blooming. They will start to bubble and expand.


Now, you must wait. If only for a moment.


Wait for the grounds to fully bloom before adding the rest of the water. Once the bloom is complete, add more water, slowly spiraling out from the center. Just before the water reaches the top of the Chemex. Stop. And then let that juice ride down.


Wait for it…


Wait for it…


Okay now add the rest of the water. At this point walk away and let the coffee finish in peace. Do some real yoga if you’re up for it.

As the dripping begins to slow, you’ll know your work is done.


Reward your patience by pouring yourself a cup of coffee into your favorite mug. Now comes my favorite part, cheers (caution: it’s probably still pretty hot)!


This routine has become an integral part of my morning (at least most days) and helps me get up in the morning. I look forward to sliding down the stairs in my jammies and make a mug of hot bean juice.


Even though it’s a short pause in my day, it only takes like 4 minutes to make a Chemex it’s enough to remind me to slow down, reset my brain, and reflect.


So tomorrow, try taking a few minutes in the morning to make yourself a nice cup of coffee and just chill. There’s no need to rush such a small thing like a cup of coffee.


Oh and happy International Coffee Day.


If my directions on how to make my Chemex coffee weren’t clear enough above, you can download this PDF (with illustrations) to get more detailed instructions. You’re welcome.


Also if you like the icon illustrations, you can have em for free. Yep, the steep price of zero dollars. You’re double welcome. Grab them here.


Oh if you like other cool, free stuff, make sure you check out our free stock photo collection here.

Tyler Zenk Sr Designer Heashot

Written by

Tyler Zenk

Runner, coffee addict, homebrewer and designer. Acting at the sweet spot between modernism and function to craft delightful brand experiences.

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